Not the punks we need
But the punks we deserved

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The movement

Scams, rugpulls, insolvencies, wrong calls, hacks, bankruptcies... you name it. During the last months the community went through a shitstorm.
And here we are.
Rugged. Crushed. Not dead.

Fuck this shit.
We are all Punks.
We Are Still Gonna Make It.

The pieces

10000 pieces every Crushed Punk has exactly the same traits and rarity as their most famous cousins. But is fair to say they went through a lot.

The Mint

The Crushed Punks are free.
The first piece per wallet costs 0Ξ.
Then 0.00375Ξ with a limit of 20 pieces.

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We’re just two degens that had their funds in Celsius and FTX.

The real people that made it possible are Sam Bankman-Fried, Caroline Ellison, Alex Mashinsky, Do Kwon, Su Zhu, Kyle Davies and some wrong calls we all made.